Where do you want to go?

I can help you get there.

What can I do for you?

I am a developer who specializes in 3 main areas:

  • Pricing information and price comparison
  • Scrapers/Webcrawlers/Spiders/Bots
  • Websites

Pricing information/Price comparison
I have written many programs in this area. I have listed some below with the most popular ones first.

PriceCheck for Amazon MWS and PA API - See more details about MWS API, Product Advertising API, sample input and output files demonstrating how to automate the process of obtaining Amazon pricing informaiton like Sales Rank, Buy Box price, Buy Box owner, FBA fees, profit and ROI calculations, etc.

ebay - Research your competitors on ebay. Find out what they are selling and what prices they are getting for their items. Get detailed information about their listings including the Item Specifics section and the Watching count.

Walmart, Best Buy, etc. - Many other sites have APIs which can be used to look up their pricing and added to the results from the PriceCheck for Amazon program.

and more - many more (retail) sites list pricing information, but do not have APIs. However, a scraper can be developed to look up their pricing and add it to the results from the PriceCheck for Amazon program.

Scrapers, Webcrawlers, Spiders, Bots
Do you want to collect data from another site?

Are you doing the same thing over and over?

Whether you want to collect data from another site, or automate a routine task, scrapers and bots can help you immensely. I believe in writing ethical, responsible scrapers and bots that don't harm other sites.

Jungle Scout Estimated Sales - See more details. Do you love the estimated sales data from Jungle Scout, but hate looking it up one by one? Then this scraper is for you. Simply create an input file of the data you want to look up and let the scraper do all the work for you. Quick and easy. What could take days/weeks to do, is done in minutes/hours.

Zillow For Sale By Owner (FSBO) - See more details. You are a realtor and you want to collect the addresses of all of the For Sale By Owner listings in your area on Zillow.com so you can send them a mailing introducing yourself and your services. This could take days or even weeks to do manually. With a simple scraper, the entire process can be automated. Just start the scraper and let it run while you go do something else. Come back in an hour or two and you have all the data you need for a mailing. Load it into a word processing program, print it out, and send it off. Fast and efficient.

I specialize in creating database driven directory sites, bidding sites, auction sites, and online exchanges. The first 4 sites listed below are designed, developed, and owned by me. The remaining sites were designed by others and I did the PHP/MySQL backend development work.

BuilderQuotes.com - Submit your building project to contractors and receive FREE instant bids from builders in your area. Browse thru our directory listings of thousands of building contractors house builders remodelers. Free bids estimates quotes.

PainterBids.com - Submit your painting project to contractors and receive FREE instant bids from painters in your area. Browse thru our directory listings of thousands of painting contractors house painters. Free bids estimates quotes.

RooferBids.com - Submit your roofing project to contractors and receive FREE instant bids from Roofers in your area. Browse through our directory listings of thousands of roofing contractors house roofers. Free bids estimates quotes.

Wikireadia.org - Free book search. Search over 6 million books by ISBN, Title, Author, or Publisher.

1stAboard.com - Do you have a car or boat that needs to be transported? Post it on their auto or boat board and receive FREE bids from qualified transporters.

Boat-World.com - Looking to buy or sell boats? List your boat for sale for free on this international FREE Boat classified ads website. Over 15,000 boats are listed.

Charity-Charities.org - FREE international charity listing site. Lists thousands of charities throughout the world. Displayed in various languages. Also has a news section.

InnLog.com - Looking for a Bed and Breakfast, or Vacation Rental? With over 6,000 property owners worldwide, InnLog.com is the perfect lodging directory site for visiting far away places with the click of a mouse button.

Developreneurs.com - Developreneurs is an online marketplace where buyers looking for web development services can receive bids from dozens of qualified service providers by filling out a single request form.

New-World-Order-Conspiracy-Theories-News.com - The news the elites don't want you to know.